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Single-App Rollups

Micro-Rollups are for standalone apps

Micro-rollups are oprimized for single-app rollups. By providing each application with its dedicated rollup, this approach effectively removes the battle for shared state, thus alleviating congestion and minimizing transaction fees.

The core advantages of micro-rollups lie in their support for modular development and their ability to scale.

Custom-Designed for Specific Applications

Micro-rollups are specifically tailored for individual applications, simplifying development and allowing for rapid adaptation and feature integration.

Inherent Interoperability

Built with standardized communication protocols, micro-rollups facilitate seamless interactions between different applications, avoiding ecosystem silos.

Unlimited Innovation in System Design

Focused on bespoke execution environments, they enable the use of a broader range of programming languages and development approaches, fostering innovation.

Elimination of State Growth Concerns

By isolating application states, micro-rollups efficiently manage data, preventing unsustainable state growth and ensuring long-term scalability.

Enhanced Modularity

Their architecture promotes flexibility, allowing for easy integration, technology adoption, and functionality customization, which accelerates development and adapts to evolving needs.