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Micro-rollups brings microservices to web3

What is a microservice?

A microservice is a small, self-contained unit of functionality that can be deployed independently. Microservices are typically used to break down a large application into smaller, more manageable pieces. Each microservice is responsible for a specific task or set of tasks, and communicates with other microservices through well-defined APIs.

Micro-Rollups are inspired by Microservices

Micro-rollups are deeply inspired by microservices. Each micro-rollup runs a small, self-contained rollup chain that can be deployed independently. They focus on running one service very efficiently and can be composed together to create more complex applications.


To achieve the level of interoperability that microservices have, micro-rollups will need to have a common protocol for communication. This interface will allow micro-rollups to communicate with each other in a standardized way.

This mechanism is baked deep into Stackr and will help different micro-rollups to share data and communicate with each other. More on this soon.