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Beta Access

Beta Access

Get access to tools for developing MRUs

Before you proceed

Understand that this is a highly experimental framework and not recommended for production use. There are some gotchas to keep in mind:

  1. The objective of this beta release is to gather feedback and improve the framework.
  2. The SDK and CLI are still under development and may have regular breaking changes.
  3. The framework is not yet optimized for gas efficiency and may have high gas costs initially when settling rollup blocks. It may range from 200k to 300k gas per block.
  4. The L1 and DA settlement cost as well as verification fees is currently sponsored by Stackr and may change in the future.
  5. The framework is yet audited and may have security vulnerabilities.

Please help us by providing feedback and reporting any issues you encounter. We are committed to making the framework better and more secure. 🫡

Signup for access

You can request beta access to the Stackr's SDK and CLI by filling up this form and signing up for the beta program. The beta runs on Sepolia and it is recommended to have funds on the Sepolia testnet to deploy Stackr Micro-Rollups.

On getting access, you will be added the Stackr's NPM Org and you can install the SDK and CLI using NPM.

Getting NPM access token

Make sure you are added to the Stackr's NPM Org before continuing.

npm login

This will generate a file called .npmrc in your home directory. You can find it at ~/.npmrc

Copy the generated token from a line which looks like this in the .npmrc file


Add package scope to your bun config

Create bunfig.toml in your root

touch ~/.bunfig.toml

edit the .bunfig.toml file and add the following lines with the generated token

"@stackr" = { token = "<GENERATED_TOKEN>", url = "" }

For Details, you can refer to Bun's Scopes and Registries

Now you're all set to start rollin' with Stackr ⚡